Friday, 22 April 2016

F4TF #20 - Lady Parts

Last week we asked how important penis size is to you.

This week we are flipping it and talking about the lady's bits and bobs:

(It's a multilayered question this week, so answer it all or pick what appeals to you, your call!)

For guys and girls who like girls - does how a woman's genitals look matter to you? Do you think there is an 'ideal' look?
For girls - how do you feel about how you look "down there"? Are you happy with it? Have you always been?
For everyone - do you think porn has impacted on how we think about the appearance of women's genitalia? (Bleaching, hair removal, cosmetic surgery etc?)
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The Pussy Pride Project

1 comment:

  1. I have always loved my ass, my tits, and my pussy, as well as my other physical, and non-physical, attributes! They are perfect the way they are!

    I also enjoy showing them off, because the naked female body is a beautiful thing! I stopped wearing bras and panties a very long time ago!

    It's also fun to allow strangers to have a peek at something they figure they should not be seeing!




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