Friday, 15 April 2016

F4TF #19 - Size Matters?

A recent chat I had on twitter prompted this week's questions...
If you have sex with men, how much does penis size matter?
If you are a straight guy, how do you feel about the size of your package? 
Has it ever been an issue for you?
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  1. It does matter, however much we kindly suggest otherwise. However I don't think it matters as much as some people believe. Beyond the extremes of size, at either end of the scale, stamina, libido and attraction matter as much as anything. And its not as though there aren't many other ways to have fun.
    I've dont worry about my own size- I'm happy with my share of the genetic lottery. I have worried about the reaction of partners. I think this was part of a wider worry we all encounter- the am I what she wants kind of self doubt. Plus I'm naturally a people pleaser 😊. As one gathers experience, you learn what to do with what you have, what she wants from you and how to please. Size doesn't inevitably equal great sex- there are lots of selfish lovers out there.
    If I'm with a guy I do prefer him to be at least of average size- length and girth. But not too big- I'm still learning 😊.

  2. To me it doesnt matter. Im more a fan of girth tbh. I am blessed with being very tight and i love it so the thicker the better for me.

  3. "Size"...that's a matter of perspective? Two variables for each partners anatomy, width & length/depth. Matching the right fits would be ideal, yet are often not discovered until both are engaged in activity. Orgasm is mental interpretation of physical stimulus, giving the capacity for artificial induced responses. All that being said, the context of the encounter weighs on the dynamics of the process, and the physical components for both partners can have heightened involvement or diminished involvement based upon the emotional consideration?

  4. Interesting question. I think all that matters is how you use what you've got



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