Friday, 28 September 2018

F4TFriday #67 - In Your Own Space

Modern life can be hectic at times. Friends, family, work, other commitments all make demands on our time and pull us in different directions.  Sometimes it is difficult to find time to focus on ourselves and our own needs because we are spending so much time attending to the needs and wants of others.

With that in mind, what we want to know this week is:

What activities do you indulge in to take care of you?

How regularly do you make time for yourself?

Is your sex life part of your self-care regime and, if so, what part does it play and how?
BIG "Thank you!" this week to Marie Rebelle, author of Rebel's Notes and host of #WickedWednesday (aka @RebelsNotes) for providing the inspiration for this week's question.

PS: If there's a question you'd like us to ask, feel free to contact us via the suggestion box or on twitter.

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