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F4Thought #137 - With Hindsight and Regrets

With Hindsight & Regrets #F4Thought
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May’s prompt last week of Love Letters created some beautiful posts. Thank you for sharing so many heartfelt and honest posts with us. This week’s topic is definitely a little different, but before we move on to ‘With Hindsight and Regrets’ suggest by Julie from masterspleasingbitch, we have three awesome spotlight posts to share with you. 

Spotlight Post #136 by Floss

#F4TSpotlight Post
A tale of two courgettes by Eye - I chose this post partly because I related to a lot of what Eye described in her post and partly because it was just so beautifully written. Eye discusses a phase in her life that I suspect many of us have been through, but perhaps wouldn’t be able to write about so eloquently. 

‘In my case the gap opened up in front of me like a moon path across the sea as I received a text telling me to go to my local supermarket and to buy courgettes and I walked onto it.  A simple enough task, and relatively easy to complete. Except that it meant I had to have my own agenda for that hour.’ Read More

A Love Letter to HL by submissy - Love can be expressed in some many ways and I was absolutely swept in in Missy’s declarations. It’s always a joy to read about her experiences with HL, but she blew me away with this post, it was incredibly beautiful. 

‘When you slice me open with your words, tunneling and burrowing deep, deep into my mind. When you kiss me with each humiliating breath and each dismissing whisper. I beg you, I plead with you, and all I really want to do is to please you. When you make me squirm and make me crawl until I am barely there at all, and then, you scoop me up and let me rest, safely within the palm of your hand.’ Read More

Love, Letters and Legalities by May More - May’s post definitely struck a chord with me. Firstly the relationship she had with her uncle reminded me of my own favourite uncle who died when I was 13, secondly as someone who has never had to hide her sexuality reading about those that did is always poignant. 

The letters were written years before he married and dated during the latter part of the war and the early 1950’s. As I read them I was suddenly transported back to a time when it was considered shameful to love in the way he had.’ Read More

Prompt #137 - With Hindsight and Regrets 

As I have already mentioned this topic was suggested by @MPBjulie who wrote Privacy for F4thought #134 and in doing so came across some of her old posts regarding how her ex behaved when he realised their marriage was on the way out. When suggesting the topic to us, Julie explained that she has regrets on not ending things there and then, but as many of us can surely relate to she had her reasons for not doing so. In hindsight maybe those reasons don’t always hold up under scrutiny, but I think we all do out best with what information we have at the time. 

So what about you? 

Do you have many regrets in life? 
Does hindsight niggle at you with regards to some of the choices you’ve made in the past?  

Relationships are of course a big area of life that might hold regrets for us, but please don’t feel that needs to be the focus of your posts. Careers, blogging, parenting or adventures not taken are all potential parts of life that might hold regrets for some folks. 

As always we welcome your new posts and old, all we ask is that old posts are updated with the F4Thought badge. You can also share fiction with us provided it is inspired by the prompt. 

I asked MayWith hindsight, is there anything you wish you’d done differently when you started blogging and do you have any blog related regrets?

May says … Differently, two things - First, blog categories. I can reorganise but don’t really have the time. Second - my blogging name is based on my "birth name," the one I was born with. It changed when I was adopted. But it has the same initials and surname as an awesome blogger we all know. At the time I hadn't yet come across her blog, if I had I may have changed my name slightly. Regrets, no time for regrets ;-)

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