Friday, 6 September 2019

F4TFriday #115 - Music On! World Off!

Music On! World Off! #F4TFriday
#F4TFriday #115 Music On! World Off!
There was a wonderful variety of posts for last week’s topic of Nightmares which was kindly suggested by Sweetgirl. Each week we are keen to let everyone know that the questions we ask related to the prompt are just a guide, and even the topic itself is open to interpretation and I think we saw the benefit of that approach this week. 

The agreement May and I have is less than 25 posts results in us highlighting one spotlight post, 25 and over results in a top three and a round-up post. This week it falls to me to choose the spotlight post from all the fabulous entries. 

#114 Spotlight Post

Spotlight Post
As is often, well actually always, the case when I have to highlight writing in some way I’m always drawn to the one that moved me most. Which means this week’s spotlight post is When nightmares intrude by Kisungura. 

‘The types of visual nightmares I experience today feel the same as then, and can trigger an overwhelming fight, flight, freeze or fawn response in me, depending on the severity of the intrusive thought.’ Read More …

Prompt #115 - Music On! World Off!

I often see bloggers linking to songs or quoting song lyrics in their posts and it made me
want to know more about how you all feel about music. Most of us love at least one songs, most of us seem to have multiple love affairs with many songs and artists. For many of us, music is an escape and signifies time away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. What does music mean to you; and how does it feature in your life?

What music feeds your soul? 
What music makes you sexy times sexier? 
What songs do you think I definitely need to go and listen to?

As always the questions about are just posed to get you thinking, you don’t need to answer them and you can share as much or as little as you’d like. You can also consider linking this week’s post, to Mrs Fever’s September Song Project alongside any other posts you create in September that are inspired by music. 

I asked May the following question … To quote Shakespeare (because I’m a classy bird) ‘If music be the food of love’ what is your favourite love song? And Why?

My favourite love song is “In my life” by John Lennon. The lyrics tell how even though they have lived and loved, 'you' mean more than anyone else to them – because -  “in my life I love you more.” I am a huge John Lennon fan and Liverpool has a place in my heart.

One final word before I leave you with the link-up, there will be no new prompt released on Friday. The next new prompt will be released on Tuesday 24th September. We will share more information about the new format during our break, but trust me we will be back and better than ever.

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